Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Free Printable Christmas Tags

Fancy some Christmas tags to help you get ready for the big day?

Download printable gift tags, add some ribbon or string, then grab some wrapping paper in your Christmas colour scheme and you’re all set to start wrapping that mountain of gifts.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

PRINTABLE ART :: The Launch...

I am super excited to announce...the launch of Ashlee Rae's brand spanking new Printable Art!  Yay!!!  This is very exciting for me and I am thrilled to finally share what I have been working on.  

Since transplanting ourselves clear across the country, other than for Ashlee's 7th birthday party, I really haven't done too much design work.  But now that I am feeling more settled into the Western Australian lifestyle, I have been happily getting my design on and have come up with a bunch of new designs that I will be offering as printable art!!!  So...if you're walls are wanting a little injection of fun, colour, or quirkiness, check out some of the range...

Printable artwork is a super affordable way to bring a whole lot of personality to your space, from your bedroom to the living room and everywhere in between.   It's fast, affordable and even makes a great gift for family and friends...hint, hint, Christmas is fast approaching :) 

For my entire range of Printable Art, please take a look in my shop on Etsy

Monday, March 31, 2014

Monster High Party

Well, the time had come (as I knew it would) when Ashlee asked for the dreaded 'licensed character' party.  At the top of her party theme wish list was...Monster High party!!!  I am not a massive fan of using a ton of licensed party products and to be honest, here in Australia there really isn't much Monster High stuff around.  So, in order to keep with the Monster High theme, we used the pink, black, blue and white Monster High colours and added a few skullettes here and there along with some Monster High dolls.  And instead of the official Monster High argyle pattern, we went for a mix of animal prints.

Here are a few of the party pics...

If you love the animal print design, printables are now available in my Etsy shop!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Paper Flower Tutorial

Want an easy way to get creative and add a pop of color to your party?  
These DIY paper flowers are so easy to make, super cheap, you can make them to coordinate with your party colors AND you can make them big, small or even gigantic!!!  Here's how to make them...

How to make Paper Flowers 

You will need:




Step 1: Start with a square piece of paper and fold in half.     

Step 2: Make a crease half way along the folded edge.

Step 3: Fold one side of the paper over at an angle of 60°.  Then fold the other side to the opposite edge, making all the edges line up.  (This step may be a little tricky at first but you eventually get really good at being able to estimate 60° folds)

Step 4: Now fold the shape in half then use your scissors to cut a curve from one folded edge to the other. 

Step 5: When you open the flower the creases won't be in the right places.  You will have to refold some of the creases so they alternate from mountain fold to valley fold. 

Step 6: Now that you know how to make the basic flower shape, make a whole bunch of them in different sizes, shapes* and colors.  

*If you want to make the flower petals different shapes.  You do this at step 4 when cutting the petal.  Just experiment by cutting different shapes and angles.

Step 7: Make centers for your paper flowers.  Here are a few different types...

Scrunch and twist a strip of paper then coil it around to make a circle.
Roughly cut out a circle then cut it into a spiral. Starting from the outside, roll the paper until you get to the center of the spiral.  Use a bit of glue at the bottom to hold it together. 
Use a scallop punch to punch out 4 or 5 scallop shapes.  Make a cut between each scallop toward the center of the shape.  Glue each of the scallop shapes on top of each other then fluff out by folding and scrunching the petals.
Make vertical cuts along a long strip of paper leaving about 1cm at the base. Apply glue along the base then roll it up. Bend the strips outwards to fluff it out. 

Step 8:  Apply glue at the center of one flower then stick a smaller flower on top.  You can keep adding more flower layers or just leave it at two.  

Use glue to add a center to your flower and your done!

You can see how I used these paper flowers for Ashlee's Fairy Party here and here.

Have fun decorating your party space with a mass of colorful flowers! 
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fairy Party - Part Two

Last week I shared with you images from my daughter Ashlee's Fairy Party.  This week I wanted to share a few more... 

I uses masses of paper flowers throughout the party because Ashlee LOVES flowers!  She loves to draw them, pick them, smell them and put them in her hair.   And just recently we even planted some...fingers crossed they actually bloom!  

During the weeks leading up to the party, I made A LOT of paper flowers and they were very simple and inexpensive to make ...stay tuned for the coming tutorial.
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

{Ashlee's 6th Birthday} Fairy Party - Part One

Ashlee knew exactly what theme she wanted for her 6th birthday...A FAIRY PARTY, every little girl's dream!  

So, welcome to Ashlee's Fairy Party!
I hope you enjoy!  

I designed a range of Fairy Party printables that were used throughout the party.  On the dessert table, I used party circles for cupcake toppers, tented labels and a mini 'Ashlee' banner for the cake.
A little fruit nectar for the fairies.
The 'Happy Birthday' banner...
Once again, I wanted to have a cardboard play house for a bit of fun (You can check out my other cardboard play houses here!)  Thanks to my awesome friend, Vanessa, I got to cheat a little this year and use a 'shop bought' castle that she was wanting to throw out... Thanks for thinking of me and my crazy party projects, Ness!

A little paint, some gold glitter spray and a few decorations later...
At the top of Ashlee's birthday wish list was having a 'real' fairy come to her party.  Squeals of delight and gasps of amazement could be heard as Fairy Ginny from Fab Fun entertained the girls with her mesmerizing magic tricks, balloon twisting and endless fun games.  Check out her amazing face painting skills...

Thank you for staying awhile!

More 'Fairy Party' details coming soon... 

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