Wednesday, September 19, 2012

{Party Details} Plastic Tablecloths

You know the tablecloths I mean?  The super cheap, thin plastic disposable kind.  I can't say that I love to use them for their intended purpose with all those not so pretty fold lines.  But they come in so many great colors, they're inexpensive and they can actually be used for so many other creative party details!  

For me, one of the best things about parties is dreaming up fun and creative ways to use ordinary things like plastic tablecloths.  Here are some ways I have used the humble plastic tablecloth... 

Cupcake Decorating Party 
A whole lot of plastic tablecloths were used for this cupcake decorating party.  From the photo backdrop, to the table runner, the chair decorations and even the chef hats.
Pink Poodle Party
Making pom poms with plastic tablecloths makes them super durable.  Definitely a bonus if you want to use them outdoors.

I used a mass of rosettes made from plastic tablecloth to create a striking backdrop for photos. 
Party Favors: Fairy Wand
 I used pink tablecloth plastic, a little tulle and balloon sticks to make cute fairy wands.
What are your extraordinary uses for ordinary things? 


  1. Brilliant!!!! That rosette backdrop is striking! Do you have a tutorial for that? All your ideas are amazing!!!

    1. Thanks Amy! No tutorial...I really need to start thinking like a blogger and begin doing tutorials for all my projects.

  2. love all of your ideas for the tablecloths! the photo backdrop with rosettes is precious!!!

  3. Amazing ideas! The chef hats are adorable!!

  4. These are all great ideas. I saw someone use them for ceiling decor -- hang different colors from the middle of your ceiling to each corner. Sharing on FB! :)

  5. You are SO clever Leonie! I need to think more like you!