Thursday, December 6, 2012

{Free Printables} A Gingerbread Man Hunt!

Yay, I have begun doing all the prep work for our annual Christmas Eve Gingerbread Man Hunt!!!  This is now the third year we have done the hunt and I have to say, it is definitely a highlight of our Christmas season.  First we bake and decorate some Gingerbread Men.  Ashlee chooses her favorite, then...Oh No, it runs away leaving clues in its wake.

For this year's hunt, I made a some changes to the clue cards (You can check out last year's clues here).  And I have even made the free downloadable clue cards editable so you can add your own clues and print!

Here are this year's clues...

If you want to have your own Gingerbread Man Hunt, just download some editable clue cards here.  You can use my clues or replace them with your own!

Happy Hunting!