Tuesday, November 25, 2014

PRINTABLE ART :: The Launch...

I am super excited to announce...the launch of Ashlee Rae's brand spanking new Printable Art!  Yay!!!  This is very exciting for me and I am thrilled to finally share what I have been working on.  

Since transplanting ourselves clear across the country, other than for Ashlee's 7th birthday party, I really haven't done too much design work.  But now that I am feeling more settled into the Western Australian lifestyle, I have been happily getting my design on and have come up with a bunch of new designs that I will be offering as printable art!!!  So...if you're walls are wanting a little injection of fun, colour, or quirkiness, check out some of the range...

Printable artwork is a super affordable way to bring a whole lot of personality to your space, from your bedroom to the living room and everywhere in between.   It's fast, affordable and even makes a great gift for family and friends...hint, hint, Christmas is fast approaching :) 

For my entire range of Printable Art, please take a look in my shop on Etsy

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