Monday, December 19, 2011

You Can't Catch Me!

Looking for a fun Christmas activity for the kids?  Last Christmas Eve I made up a little 'Gingerbread Man Treasure Hunt' for Ashlee and she loved it, so I am excited about doing another one this year.

After decorating some yummy Gingerbread Men, Ashlee gets to choose which one she's going to eat...

Oh no!!! The Gingerbread Man is gone leaving a clue in its' place...

This next clue is hidden under an easy to make scratch-off panel.   Just stick a piece of sticky backed plastic (contact paper) over the clue then paint it with a couple of layers of acrylic paint mixed with a little dish soap (2:1) then let it dry!

I drew this clue using a wax candle.  Just color with watercolor paint to reveal...Magic!!!

Hurry and eat him before he takes off again!!!

If you want to have your own Gingerbread Man Hunt, just download clue cards here and write your own clues or you can use mine!


  1. Leonie I LOVE this!

  2. It will go perfectly with our gingerbread-house baking afternoon!

  3. Oh, I loved reading reading all the clues, where is that gingerbread man! How adorable is this cute! Great job.